The planning/building concept provides for a team approach to building construction. Initial meetings between the customer and H N Carr representatives allow the customer to convey their functional, aesthetical and budgetary needs.  Company representatives evaluate these needs, and from that point, a customer/contractor working relationship begins to transform those ideas into reality.

This team concept allows for project pricing and design to proceed hand in hand.  The planning/building approach offers the following key advantages:





The general contractor provides one source responsibility for the customer.

The customer can evaluate the design and cost as the process evolves.  With traditional methods, the customer would work with an architect on the plans and only after completion of the plans and expenditure of the architectural fees would the owner be able to get firm pricing on the project, often only to find that the building designed is over the customer established budget.

The customer has a preliminary plan and accurate cost figures on hand for presentation to his lending institution for approval before the expenditure for the final building plans.  A final pricing review will be completed after the final plans are drawn and approved by the local inspections department.  Usually any revisions to the quoted price are minimal, if any at all.

Should the customer require more detailed preliminary plans or the complexity of the project is such that an architect needs to be brought on board, for a fee, the company can offer an agreement for preparation of plans, sufficient for the customer's purposes and pricing of the project.



The result is a building that meets the customer's established needs within their established budget.

The total construction time is reduced as the pricing and design functions occur in concert with each other.

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